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"We have eaten the forest"



 "We have eaten the forest"
 - Introduction
 - Aim of the exhibition
 - Synopsis
       * Ethnology as an art of living
       * The Sar Luk villagers
       * A poetic and oral tradition
       * Burning the forest of the stone spirit Goo
       * Works and days
       * Buffalo sacrifice
       * Sickness and death 
       * Sar Luk today
 - The purpose of ethnography: an interview with Georges Condominas with Yves Goudineau
 - Biography of Georges Condominas
 - Main publications


Sar Luk today


Georges Condominas returns


“At first encounter, their customs appear picturesque, exotic, as if perpetuating almost unchanged a tradition going back to the dawn of time. But these ‘Men of the Forest’ are men no less, and men of the twentieth century to boot, enmeshed in a socio-economic system that covers the entire planet. For them, this means, among other things, payment of taxes, working in plantations or on roads, imposition of a monetary system upon their barter economy, a life ordered by a hierarchical administration, the introduction of writing and medical care, and enlistment in the army or the Indochinese Guard.”






Sraang and Georges Condominas, Sar Luk, 2006
© musée du quai Branly/ photo Robert van der Hilst


A Vietnamese viewpoint



Mrs Hdrang and her 7-month-old baby daughter
© Hoang Canh Duong 






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